7th and 8th Grade Math Tournament

The 7th and 8th Grade Math Tournament consists of three levels of testing.  Each level consists of a 50-item multiple-choice test which is aligned with the Mississippi Career and College Readiness Standards. The first level is local with tests in the early spring at each school that wishes to participate in the tournament. The students with the top two scores in both 7th and 8th grades at each school qualify to participate at the district level in mid-spring. The students with the top two scores in both 7th and 8th grade in each district qualify to participate in the state competition in April.

The 2018 state math competition was held April 7 on the Rankin campus of Hinds Community College,  with 22 7th-graders and 24 eighth graders participating. Awards were presented to the students in each grade who achieved the five highest scores on the test. 

2018 State Competition

2018 7th Grade Winners.jpg

7th Grade Winners


1st, Leo Mei, Madison Middle School

2nd, Joshua Bowman, Northwest Rankin Middle School

3rd, Architesh Prasad, Tupelo Middle School

4th,  Ryan Goodwin, East Central Middle School

5th,  Kenny Suzuki, Madison Middle School

2018 8th Grade Winners.jpg

8th Grade Winners

1st, Shreenithi Lakshminarayanan, Germantown Middle School

2nd, Sarah LeRoux, Madison Middle School

3rd, Akshathh Mukkera, Tupelo Middle School

4th, George Davis, Corinth Middle School

5th, Thomas Wasson, Jackson Preparatory School